The Lower Stung Russei Chrum Hydropower Station Wins the China Power Engineering Quality Award
Time:October 29 2015


As announced by CHINA ELECTRIC POWER CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION recently,China Huadian Lower Stung Russei Chrum Hydro-Electric Project (Cambodia) Co., Ltdis on the list of the 2015 China Power Engineering Quality Award (Offshore).


This award is a part of China Power Engineering Quality Award and the highest honor of China's offshore power construction project in terms of quality. It will be held once a year for upgrading China's offshore power construction quality and management level, promoting technological innovations and progress, guaranteeing investment returns and striving for excellence. Only two overseas units win the honor this time.


The plant with installed capacity  of  338MW  was  constructed  in  April  2010 and put  into  operation  in  December 2013. Since its construction, the project has always been strictly followed by Chinese standards for engineering construction to enhance the quality control. With the concept of "Green Huadian", the company has achieved remarkable resultsat environmental protection, conservation, resource utilization and protection of water, material, energy and land, etc.. Meanwhile, the company has always promoted and encouraged new innovative technologies, and applied a total of 4 energy-saving technologies included in the National Key Energy-saving Technology Promotion Directory, 18 power construction technologies of "Five-New"(new technologies, new processes, new processes, new equipment and new materials), including 12 independent applied technologies, and 10 major items and 25 sub-items often new technologies of the construction industry. The project has won six state-level patents and one provincial/industry-level award for QC team’s achievements.


The plant was also granted the awards of"Outstanding Power Generation Company" by the Electricité du Cambodge and "Outstanding Contribution to Society" by the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Cambodia, etc. In this selection, the plantwas checked and accepted by China Electric Power Construction Association in the first examination of operation standards and engineering quality assessment as green construction demonstration project and new technology demonstration project and finally wins the 2015 China Power Engineering Quality Award (Offshore).

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